Intensive Courses

Dear Hendrik, I must thank YOU for the absolutely wonderful week you shared with my husband [during the week-long course she purchased as a gift for him]! I’m sure he let you know that it was one of the happiest, most engaging and informative weeks of his adult life! In addition to giving him very practical and specific skills, you have given him greater confidence in his abilities and the desire to translate his interest into a more in-depth and long-term commitment. The table he made with your guidance is truly lovely – such simple, beautiful lines! I’ve enjoyed watching it change as my husband applies more coats of finish!

I am certain that my husband will wish to book more courses with you – and I’m thrilled to have found a passion I can support at birthdays and Christmas! Many thanks again for this delightful experience! Clearly, you have a great gift both as a craftsman and as a teacher and I wish you every success in your endeavours, present and future.

Warm regards, Sarah.

— Sarah M. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I discovered Hendrik’s Table Saw DVD on the Steel City website while shopping for power equipment. After viewing the clips on his website, I ordered the Table Saw DVD and subsequently the Jointer/Planer DVD. Being a novice woodworker, and a hands-on learner, I found both of the DVDs to be incredibly detailed, logical and clear.

Since I am in the process of building a small workshop for my retirement, I decided that an intensive five (5) day course would lay a great foundation. I was not disappointed. Hendrik is a rare blend of great teacher/mentor and craftsman. At every stage of the course, he would explain in detail the process and technique that was best suited for the project. He tailors the course to your knowledge level and skill. At the end of the week, one comes away with a great deal of satisfaction, not only in having a finely crafted table, but also having a new level of confidence and skills to tackle a woodworking project on one’s own.

For anyone contemplating a week long course with Hendrik, I would highly recommend purchasing his DVDs ahead of time. They lay a foundation to build upon in the course. After the course, I feel like I’ve made a new friend. Thanks Hendrik!

— Don S. (The Woodlands, Texas, USA)

I initially met Hendrik when he was assisting a friend in setting up his new workshop and got an immediate sense of his knowledge and attention to detail. After perusing his website, I enrolled in a 6 day, one-on-one skills development course at Hendrik’s shop in Acton, Ontario.
Travelling 3000 km to make sawdust did not make a lot of sense to my wife and others who do not know Hendrik or have an interest in wood, but after my brief exposure to Hendrik I had no doubt the trip would be well worth while.

While there I spent in excess of 8 hours each day being continually reminded of how little I knew about the craft and what the “next level” was all about. Each day was packed with a full slate of skill development projects and associated safety techniques and the hours and days flew by. The one-on-one format allowed for a truly customized approach and as the week progressed we were able to adapt the content to even better align with my interests and skill level.

While other craftsmen may have a similar passion, I believe what sets Hendrik apart is his depth of understanding. Others may know what happens and what works in each situation but Hendrik is committed to knowing why. His communication and teaching skills also allow him to pass on that knowledge to others.

It was the most enjoyable educational week I have spent in recent memory and I plan to return.
Thanks Hendrik and see you next time!

— Kevin J. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Thank you Hendrik!!

When I first contacted Hendrik regarding his private lessons, I admit I had my concerns. Was the 3 hours of driving each day, cost of lessons and time off work going to be justified? Was I getting in over my head? After several emails back and forth discussing what I wanted to learn and what Hendrik thought was reasonable considering the time I had available, I had a contract with Hendrik. My first day with Hendrik dissolved all reservations I had. His knowledge and skills, his commitment to the student is inspiring. He has every day well planned, time is not wasted. One thing I quickly, surprisingly found out, Hendrik does not give you a task and walk away to work on his own projects. He spends every minute with YOU! He is either explaining, or demonstrating, or attentively (safety is always first) watching. He taught me safe, practical methods and gave me unbiased opinions on tools and machinery. My time with Hendrik was interesting, informative, but most importantly enjoyable!

I would encourage anyone who is interested in woodworking, be it designing, building, finishing, or restoring, no matter what your present skill level, to contact Hendrik. He is very accommodating with lessons and scheduling.

After spending several weeks (in ’08) with Hendrik in his shop in Acton I understand and agree with Hendrik’s choice of business title – “Passion for Wood”. Although, I suggest he should modify it to include People – Passion for Wood & People. Think it over Hendrik.

— Carey W. (Welland, Ontario, Canada)

During an intensive month of studying woodworking under Hendrik Varju, we built an heirloom-quality piece of furniture. It was a wonderful experience for me and also my wife. Hendrik taught us everything from proper milling of rough wood, precise measuring and marking techniques, safe operation of machine tools (and their setup), to use of hand tools to create beautiful joinery — and much more. He is the most excellent instructor you could find, and even a full month did not exhaust the information and techniques he had to share. During that time, Hendrik always made our full work days both productive and enjoyable, and the month flew by sooner that we would have wished. A craftsman and teacher of this caliber is to be commended.

(Follow-up comment 5 months after course ended):

Hi Hendrik! It’s Colleen and Bob . . ., presenting the New Workbench! . . . After it was done, and a single weekend break, Bob was hankering to go downstairs to USE his new workbench, so we came up with a tiny project of making a bread-board from the leftover maple. But even before the glue had hardened, that project expanded to become a small table similar in style to the one we did with you, except without flutes and no drawers. We used our left-over maple for it, and mainly wanted to do a little exercise be sure the techniques we learned “stuck.” . . .

Bob also said that you were very accurate on the amount of wood we needed – an extra trip to the hardwood store was required. I can’t remember all the “we have to tell Hendrik” comments that we thought of as we went through the building process, but do know that we were always thinking of what we learned from you as we went along. Thank you again for our wonderful month of woodworking, and I do hope we can find some way of getting back up to Canada for another session with you some time!

— Robert & Colleen K. (Worcester, Massachusetts, USA)

I have always been interested in learning fine woodworking but my previous projects have been little more than “hammer and nail” projects. I researched several places in the United States that offered classes with class sizes generally ranging from 8 to 12 students. Fortunately, I also became aware of Hendrik and Passion for Wood. What initially set Hendrik apart from the others was the private lessons that can be structured to the needs and interests of the student rather than the other way around. In spite of the 1,600 miles my wife and I would have to travel, we decided to sign up for two weeks and go to Canada to give Hendrik’s course a try.

We have made few better decisions in our lives. To say we were pleased with the course is a gross understatement. Not only is Hendrik an incredibly skilled craftsman, he is just as talented a teacher of woodworking. His passion and dedication to his craft shows in everything he does and his patience and guidance made the course both interesting and enjoyable. Hendrik’s knowledge of wood science is only equaled by his fine craftsmanship.

Prior to Hendrik’s course, I didn’t realize how much I really needed to learn. I need to start working on Hendrik to get him to move to Houston so I can continue my education but, until he does, my wife and I will happily make the 1,600 mile trek again.

(Follow-up comment 12 months after course ended):

My wife and I took Hendrik’s intensive woodworking course in 2007. We enjoyed the course so much and learned so much from Hendrik that we had Hendrik come to Houston to help us set up the new woodworking equipment we purchased. As was the case with the intensive woodworking course we took, Hendrik was exceptional in everything he did. His knowledge and grasp of all things woodworking is truly impressive. In an effort to continue the learning process, my wife and I again made the 1,600 mile trek to Acton to visit Hendrik again in August, 2008. This time the course was a buffet of master level hand finishing, french polishing, hand cut dovetails, finger joints and splined miters and once again, Hendrik’s knowledge, patience and teaching ability exceded our expectations. There is no question we are better woodworkers today than we would have been without Hendrik’s help and guidance.

— Mike & Susan L. (Houston, Texas, USA)

Our visit to your place was wonderful. I had some apprehension because my skills were only average, yet you accepted them and built on them in a completely positive way. Your instruction was careful and encouraging, and for that I am grateful. I was also pleased to see that your shop is reasonable in size and compares well with mine!

Susan and I chose to fly to Buffalo, rent a car at the airport, take the beautiful trip to Guelph, and spend the week at a bed and breakfast there (a twenty minute drive to your workshop). We would recommend that to anyone coming from the States.

Your passion for wood is obvious. Some of that passion rubbed off on us, helping us to appreciate woodworking even more.

— Frank B. (Macon, Georgia, USA)

I was quite intrigued when I heard that Hendrik Varju would teach couples . . . It seemed a wonderful way to affirm creativity that is developed in a good marriage.

On our first day my husband and I were both involved as equals, talking through the issues and trying our hands at using some of the electric tools. At the end of that day though, I decided to take the role of observer until the sanding and finishing stages during the final two days. It was more important to me for my husband to get the practice with tools and learn the safety measures since I knew I would never use the machines alone. That first day affirmed for me that my interests were far more focused on the end product than the steps in creating it. I happily went to work with my computer while watching out of the corner of my eye; and when it came time to make aesthetic choices, learn to glue a good joint, sand away imperfections (some of which I never could see!), and talk about a finish to apply after the table pieces were shipped to our home, I was a most willing participant.

Hendrik and his wife were good hosts, and lunches in several restaurants in nearby Erin were a treat. The value of creating an object with care was communicated throughout the week, and our standards will always be higher following this delightful experience.

— Susan B. (Macon, Georgia, USA)

My son-in-law and I traveled across the continent to receive private woodworking instruction from Hendrik and it was one of the best investments I have ever made. Hendrik is one of those rare individuals who are both gifted craftsmen and exceptional teachers.

His strength as a craftsman comes from the high degree of thought and precision he puts into every action in his workshop. All of his practices have evolved from years of deliberation to determine the best and safest way to do things. His value as an instructor comes from his ability to tell you not only the “how” but also the “why” of each step. As a pupil, you are exposed to this distilled knowledge at a rate which makes each day of his course equivalent to weeks or months of other alternatives. No matter what your skill level is, I’m convinced Hendrik can accelerate your learning curve.

It was a pleasure to spend time with someone who truly has a passion for his work and I recommend Hendrik’s instruction without reservation.

— Rick S. (Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada)

I spent a week with Hendrik in his shop making a beautiful sidetable. I now realize I was a complete beginner to this level of craftsmanship. Hendrik was extremely patient and most importantly, careful. His concern and instructions for the safe use of the equipment has profoundly changed my way of working and attitude to safety.

I drove up from New York City mid-winter not knowing what to expect and brought a very limited set of skills with me. Those I did bring, such as being able to drive a nail into a piece of 2×4, I was not asked to demonstrate. The week flew by and I filled a notebook with new information on tools, tips and techniques as rough lumber transformed itself into elegant components. Hendrik’s guidance, attention to detail and clear instructions meant I built the piece myself, but with a level of unexpected precision and subsequent source of pride. Hendrik is generous with his knowledge and advice and respectful about your opinions.

For anyone with any interest in fine woodworking I cannot imagine a better or more enjoyable way to learn. The experience of a week of personal instruction is all and more than one could ask for.

As a postscript, I expected to come away with a long list of tools that I would need to buy, but not so. Hendrik is a minimalist and has ways of getting a great deal from a modestly equipped shop. My trip paid for itself in the tools I will not buy.

— Gavin P. (New York City, New York, USA)

After a serious motorcycle accident I was forced to leave the British Army after fifteen years. As part of my leaving package I had the chance to learn a new skill. I went to Passion for Wood with no idea of woodwork, so the learning curve was huge but with one-to-one tuition it made it capable for me with very little knowledge.

I found the location easy to find, Hendrik very easy to work with and the whole week very pleasant. As for the table, amazing, before this course I would have made poor work of nailing two bits of wood together.

Through the whole course it really is hands on and you do build the table yourself however Hendrik was there watching over me and guiding when I made slight mistakes.

I was 100% happy at the end of the course, with the table and what I had learned. I will be going back for further instruction.

— Carl C. (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)

I came to Hendrik with very limited woodworking experience, but because of his easy going manner and genuine love for his work, never felt intimidated. He coordinated a very comprehensive 7-day plan targeting my specific areas of interest, and because of his flexibility and organization, I was able to learn a great deal in that short period of time.

Working with Hendrik gave me a much greater understanding and appreciation for true craftsmanship. Not only did I learn the safe and correct use of several hand tools and machines, but also the importance of good design and accuracy of measurement at all stages of a project.

I feel very privileged to have been able to work with Hendrik, and look forward to working with him again as my skills and interests evolve.

— Susan M. (Tennessee, USA)

I traveled from Philadelphia to study with Hendrik in February. It was a fabulous experience that I would recommend without hesitation. Hendrik is knowledgeable, kind and very patient. I was a self taught woodworker who has been serious about the hobby for 7 years. I feel that the week that I spent with Hendrik doubled my knowledge.

What I liked best about the experience was the fact that Hendrik was able to quickly understand my needs and adapt his teaching accordingly. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

— Marc C. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Whilst it is difficult to compare a woodworking school situation with a one to one course such as that provided by Hendrik Varju, I believe that the latter option should be the preferred one for those with no or very little experience. The reason is that Hendrik’s course is so much more intensive than being in a class with some 12 other students all of whom need attention all the time. Of course being in a class is also a lot of fun, although Hendrik’s warm personality did not make me feel ‘alone’ at any time. In fact, we had a lot of fun together as well.

Hendrik is without any doubt a born teacher with a vast knowledge of everything dealing with woodworking. Moreover, he is highly practical and full of very useful advice. I can only recommend him highly!

— Frans R. (Amsterdam, Holland)

I took a week-long course with Hendrik which we pieced together from various conversations about the skills I was interseted in. I am a novice and Hendrik was good at leading me in the right direction with the course selection.

The week was very structured, very intensive, and very dense in the amount of things you learn. I highly recommend learning how to square wood from Hendrik, even if you’ve done it a million times before. His techniques are really interesting and result in a great final product. We also managed to work in a lot of other things that weren’t formally part of our schedule, whenever they made sense in the flow of the course.

Overall, I was very pleased. Hendrik is a very flexible and patient teacher and a true master. While he is a perfectionist (which I am not), he understood my needs and worked within the limitations of my personality. I highly recommend Passion for Wood and Hendrik.

— Gregg S. (Washington D.C., USA)

Only two short years ago, the pursuit of my long awaited passion of woodworking began. Most of my free time was invested in reading, attending seminars and shows, taking woodworking courses and talking to whomever shared my passion. Hence a desire for a more intensive type of learning became more evident each day. Having researched a few fine woodworking schools as well as talking to Hendrik about his course, I chose to take the week-long intensive one on one course with Hendrik.

What attracted me most to his course was knowing how I learn best; which is to absorb information at the same time as being able to complete a task by doing it myself. This seemed like a perfect fit as Hendrik guiding me through each step ensuring a thorough understanding as well the need for precision, precision and more precision and sharing with me far more knowledge than I felt I could absorb. As excited as I was to start the course, I was apprehensive about my ability to learn and work for approximately 10 hours a day, however I was quickly reassured by Hendrik that the course was extensive but that it was very manageable.

My week was filled with a continuous flow of detailed information including everything from wood science to machine set up, some of which I am sure took Hendrik years to learn; and to think I was the fortunate recipient of such valuable information in the short span of one week made it that much more rewarding. At the end of the week, I left with a hall table made of black cherry, a piece I will be proud of for many years to come and an extensive knowledge base that I will draw on as I continue to develop my skills as a craftsman. Hendrik is such a talented craftsman that I consider myself fortunate to have had the chance to spend a week by his side.

— Kimberly H. (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Having for years been a fumbling and uneducated hobby woodworker, I spent a full week with Hendrik, one on one, in acquiring basic skills such as the science of wood, milling wood and joinery. This experience was extremely rewarding and uplifting. Hendrik is not only a master craftsman, he is a master teacher and communicator. He not only knows his stuff, he makes things understandable and really cares about his students and their learning of the craft. My recommendation of Hendrik to anyone who wishes to acquire basic knowledge or to take existing knowledge to the highest levels of fine woodworking is without any reservation or qualification.

— Michel C. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

To reward our 15 year old for a job well done in school, we enrolled him in one of Hendrik’s one-on-one woodworking courses. Though we had to drive for six hours in order to attend the course, once we arrived at Passion for Wood, we quickly realized there was no better person to introduce the art of woodworking to our son! We were impressed with Hendrik’s professionalism and attention to detail, as well as with the impeccably clean and safe woodworking shop. I watched as, day after day, my son would emerge from the shop, covered with sawdust and filled with a sense of accomplishment! How fortunate we were to be able to find someone who could create such a memorable and rewarding experience for our son, as well as instill in him a “passion for wood”.

Thanks so much Hendrik!!!!

— Julia M. (Saint Bruno, Quebec, Canada)

I spent a great deal of time looking for a woodworking class to raise my level of knowledge and remove my hesitation in attempting fine woodworking projects. After contemplating going to several courses in the US and Canada I found out about Hendrik.

I can tell you that he is the best kept secret in woodworking. In Hendrik’s one on one course I got an understanding of how important it is to know how to read wood and understand its unpredictable nature. The one lesson of several that stands out in my mind is that preparation is everything.

There are several reasons I can recommend Hendrik’s course. The first is Hendrik himself. The program was totally enjoyable due to his knowledge and skill level and his professionalism in the craft of woodworking and for his fellow craftsmen. His personal style and sense of humor puts you at ease. Regardless of your previous skill set he makes you feel comfortable attempting techniques and skills you have not tried before. The second is the program itself. Hendrik empowers you to take a real hands-on role. He encourages you to participate while applying exacting standards of safety. In just 40 hours I learned a diversity of skills and my level of skill increased beyond expectation.

This was one of the best courses I have taken. If you are thinking of learning about woodworking and increasing your skill set consider Hendrik and Passion for Wood. You won’t regret it.

— Jim P. (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)

I can’t thank you enough for being so wonderfully patient and kind. We had an absolutely wonderful week. Being exposed to the tip of the vast knowledge base necessary to become involved in the process of woodworking is both intimidating and challenging. When you are starting from the base level of being totally terrified of even turning the table saw on to mustering up the courage to rip an eight foot board speaks volumes to the trust and security that saturated the entire week. Just as importantly I never felt that Betsy and I being of the female gender was even remotely an issue. I thank you for that; you are truly a gifted teacher.

Betsy currently has custody of our baby [the table]. Her husband was enormously impressed at what we were able to accomplish. (Actually, mostly impressed at what you were able to accomplish with us). It traveled home safely and will soon receive the final steps in finishing. It is just beautiful.

You spoke of never being able to look at a piece of wood again in quite the same way….well, I can see it becoming an obsession. Upon returning home I began scrutinizing my own furniture from the perspective of its construction and pondering how to reproduce it. I no longer just see the dust! Even worse, I purchased a few woodworking magazines and poured through them with great delight.

Again, many thanks, it was just perfect.

— Charlene W. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

As an “older” new woodworker I was looking for instruction in proper techniques and shop safety. I found more than that in Hendrik’s intensive woodworking course. Not only did he show me how to do the steps in the making of a cherry side table but he also explained the why of each step. His patience, knowledge and craftmanship came through over and over during the week. Hendrik enjoys teaching and his enthusiasm for woodworking is very catching. I will never look at a piece of wood again without recalling the excellent relay of information by Hendrik of wood grain, movement, and characteristics.

I would highly recommend this one on one approach to anyone who is interested in learning woodworking skills or theory. Whether you are a novice or seasoned woodworker, Hendrik’s style could be adapted to your needs. I could hardly wait to get back into my shop and practice the skills I learned during the week. I count it a real pleasure to have met and studied with Hendrik.

— Murray W. (Thamesford, Ontario, Canada)

My week with Hendrik was very worthwhile; I learned so much that helped me on my road to developing my woodworking skills. I had never done any woodworking that required a high level of care and precision; I wanted to develop this for my own satisfaction and to be able to produce some neat projects for my family.

Hendrik is a fantastic woodworker and teacher with lots of patience which was certainly required for my lack of skill for quality woodworking. We had to start from the very basics which even included how to measure and how to draw a pencil line to accurately intersect two points. But even with this low level of skill set that I started with, Hendrik was very patient and made everything fun and interesting.

He excels in the way he can explain what needs to be done, how to do it and why it is necessary to do it a particular way. I’m the type of person who needs answers to all of these in order to get maximum benefit from anything that I do. And the best part is, my wife was thrilled with the Hall Table that I took home.

If you’ve been thinking of taking a course from Hendrik, in my opinion, you don’t need to look any further.

— Bruce W. (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)

Charlene and I thank you so much for your patience with us. And yes, we will never look at a piece of wood the same again – and are already scrutinizing any wood table we find!

Not only are you a gifted craftsman, and maker of fine furniture, you are a gifted teacher – the thought you put into teaching proper procedures and safety is impressive – and on top of that there were the questions you fielded – all carefully considered.

We enjoyed meeting your whole family – best to you all and see you soon.

P.S. I have custody of the table at the moment – we have not started on the remaining 4 coats yet; even though we know it will look better, we think it looks absolutely beautiful just the way it is!

— Betsy B. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I strongly recommend the intensive courses at Passion for Wood to anyone starting out in woodworking or those wishing to expand their skills. Working with Hendrik was both enjoyable and challenging. I had the opportunity to pick my project and vary the content of the course to suit my skill level and interests to include hand tools and sharpening as well as a more detailed overview of finishing — the one area I think we all fall short in!

Hendrik covered many aspects of furniture design as we worked through both the practice and theory using both hand tools and machines. Hendrik’s focus on safety increased my awareness of the dangers associated with power tools and machines and I left very confident in my ability to use both.

The one-on-one instruction with Hendrik makes it a must for anyone considering this type of intensive course.

— David K. (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

The 5 day intensive course was exactly what I had been looking for. Your hands on approach provided me with a rewarding experience, I highly recommend it. This course would benefit anyone who would like to gain or improve their knowledge of woodworking, and especially if their interest is in building fine furniture. It put me light-years ahead of where I would be if trying to learn on my own . . . thank you, Hendrik.

— Gerry L. (St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada)

I arrived home safely with the table . . . My mother and brother were quite impressed with the table and actually thought that the table top was made from 4 pieces, as they could not notice very well one of the joins.

I enjoyed the course very much, I like that this one project allowed me to experience a little bit of many aspects and that it turned out so nice too. I appreciate the advice and training. You have given me the best tools to get started with starting a very satisfying hobby. I think that if I had began by trying to make things on my own, the stuff would have turned out horrible and I would have given up, but you gave me enough knowledge to actually be constructive, but also to recognize where I lack knowledge, and it would be better to seek advice rather than only go it on my own. I am very grateful for this.

— Bianca S. (Gananoque, Ontario, Canada)

Your insistence on safety was consistent as was your example. I never once saw you execute anything without the safety gear and without taking the same precautions you insisted on. I found this invaluable.

I really appreciate what I would call your pragmatic perfectionism – that one can strive for perfection, realizing one might never attain it, but one can almost . . . which translates in knowing when something is good enough. So – don’t obsess (too much). I really enjoyed the course and felt it filled in tons of blanks that books never could – at least not in many years. Thanks!

Excellent, rewarding, a first-rate jump start in understanding working with wood – and being organized and safety-conscious.

— Stephanie M. (Warsaw, Ontario, Canada)

Thanks again for a very rewarding week. Your casual, yet direct style suited me very well and the learning was non-stop. I hope that I will be fortunate enough to remember most of what you taught me, but even if I remember nothing or never use a fine woodworking tool again, the week will have been worthwhile as it was one of my more memorable experiences.

— Norman M. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Passion For Wood: There couldn’t be a more appropriate title. Hendrik has it, and by the course’s end, so did I. Ideas and methods were presented in such a way that I understood how and why a certain thing was done — knowledge necessary to any future project. Hendrik’s emphasis on accuracy and process guarantees excellent results and his sharp sense of aesthetics allowed for my own artistic bent to be recognized. And last, but by no means least, he’s a great confidence builder who’s given me the self-belief to tackle my own projects with assurance.

— William M. (Dundas, Ontario, Canada)

Sorry I couldn’t be more critical. I thought the course was excellent – at the very least. There was nothing I could find lacking, as discerning (picky) as I am. Keep up the great work and I hope to get a chance to work with you again in the future.

— Tiffany Dawn W. (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

I found Hendrik’s one week cherry side table course to be exactly what I was looking for with a good combination of theory and hands-on experience. Hendrik covered all aspects of the project in detail including information and resource materials as well as the reasoning behind wood selection and tools/processes used. He encouraged questions, ensured I handled most of the actual woodworking myself and stressed safety and quality during each step. Highly recommended!

— Greg D. (Georgetown, Ontario, Canada)

The one-on-one format was just what I needed to develop confidence to use the equipment. Your emphasis on safety was appreciated and the end result is a source of great satisfaction.

— Judy S. (Limehouse, Ontario, Canada)

The week-long intensive course with Hendrik was a fantastic experience. Very rewarding. Hendrik is a true professional craftsman and teacher. This course is sure not to disappoint!

— David F. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)